How Do You Feel About That?

How Do You Feel About That?

Do you have feelings? Well, we do. Each week, we discuss how something makes us feel. Topics range from current events, technology, pop culture, and breast-milk cheese.

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    32: Self-Checkout

    Andrew and Myah become master thieves using the power of bananas.

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    31: Mamma Mia!

    Myah and Andrew are joined by Amy Merrigan to feel the beat from the tambourine.

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    30: Truck Nuts

    Myah tries to convince Andrew to buy truck nuts for his Honda Civic. It gets heated.

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    29: Elon Musk

    Andrew and Myah discuss Elon Musk, whether they'd go to Mars, self-driving cars, and the possibility of living in a computer simulation.

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    28: Taxidermy

    Myah and Andrew unpack their prejudice against taxidermy. They also talk about The Bachelor.

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    27: Glowing Up

    This week we discuss glowing up with John Peceimer.

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    26: Distractions

    Myah and Andrew are joined by (the very cool) Gavin Kumar to discuss all the beeping and buzzing distractions in their lives.

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    25: Sandwiches

    Myah and Andrew attempt the impossible: define a sandwich.

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    22: Death

    This week, Andrew asks Myah if she would like to live forever.

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    21: 3D Movies

    Myah and Andrew host a podcast presented in 4D SMELL-O-VISION.

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    20: Halloween

    Myah and Andrew discuss Halloween: the costumes, the candy, and the Monster Mash.

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    19: Chip Card Readers

    BEEP BEEP BEEP! Myah and Andrew discuss credit cards with a chip. Why do they take so long? What is "more secure" about them? Are they really worth all the trouble? All will be revealed.

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    18: Lotion

    Your favorite FEELers are back! This week, Myah and Andrew try out different lotions in an elaborate experiment. Friendships will be tested. Lives will be changed. And by the end of the episode, SOMEONE WILL DIE?!

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    17: The Eclipse

    Myah and Andrew discuss the recent solar eclipse, which Andrew saw and Myah slept through.

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    16: London

    Myah and Andrew discuss their recent trip to London: the sights, the sounds, and the singing balls.

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    15: The News

    Myah and Andrew discuss how they learn about current events in this era of FAKE NEWS(!).

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    14: Myers-Briggs Personalities

    An ENTJ and an ENTP discuss the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Needless to say, there is some fierce disagreement.

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    13: Sleep

    Myah and Andrew discuss the strange phenomena of sleep, dreams, and five-hour energy. As a bonus, this episode features a recording of Andrew singing in his sleep. You don't want to miss it.

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    12: Bigfoot

    Myah and Andrew discuss their feelings about Bigfoot. Has Myah been in a passionate love affair with the mythical beast? What’s a tweeker? What is the plural of ‘Bigfoot’?! All will be revealed.

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    11: Podcasts

    Myah and Andrew discuss podcasts on a podcast. Meta, we know.

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    10: Virtual Reality

    Myah and Andrew discuss Virtual Reality. It's like regular reality, but VIRTUAL.

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    9: Self-Driving Cars

    Myah and Andrew discuss our driverless future. Andrew thinks it's "just so cool" while Myah nostalgically reminisces about driving her truck on the broken roads.

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    8: Digestion

    Myah and Andrew discuss various digestive systems found in the animal kingdom. It gets weird.

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    7: Astrology

    Myah and Andrew discuss Astrology as predetermined by the stars. They discuss CELESTIAL BODIES, their signs, and whether or not astrology is horse...radish.

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    6: Tattoos

    Myah and Andrew discuss Tattoos. Where do they come from? Are they cool? Is Andrew cool?

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    5: Oreos

    Myah and Andrew discuss Oreos while eating Oreos. Needless to say, they have A LOT of feelings.

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    4: Valentine's Day

    Myah and Andrew discuss The Day of LOVE or Whatever. The conversation quickly descends into painful retellings of failed elementary school relationships. #FindTyler

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    3: Emoji

    Myah and Andrew discuss Emoji. Why do they look different on Myah's Android phone? Is it a pistol or a water-gun? Will Emoji cause the end of written language?

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    2: Breast Milk

    Myah and Andrew discuss a new business idea.

    "I only drink Candice Milk!" - Andrew Cope

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    1: The Singularity

    Myah and Andrew discuss what happens when computers are infinitely smarter than us. Do they run away? Do they cure cancer? Do they kill us all? So many feelings, so little time.

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