How Do You Feel About That?

How Do You Feel About That?

Do you have feelings? Well, we do. Each week, we discuss how something makes us feel. Topics range from current events, technology, pop culture, and breast-milk cheese.

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    31: Mamma Mia!

    Myah and Andrew are joined by Amy Merrigan to feel the beat from the tambourine.

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    30: Truck Nuts

    Myah tries to convince Andrew to buy truck nuts for his Honda Civic. It gets heated.

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    29: Elon Musk

    Andrew and Myah discuss Elon Musk, whether they'd go to Mars, self-driving cars, and the possibility of living in a computer simulation.

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    28: Taxidermy

    Myah and Andrew unpack their prejudice against taxidermy. They also talk about The Bachelor.

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    27: Glowing Up

    This week we discuss glowing up with John Peceimer.

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    26: Distractions

    Myah and Andrew are joined by (the very cool) Gavin Kumar to discuss all the beeping and buzzing distractions in their lives.

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    25: Sandwiches

    Myah and Andrew attempt the impossible: define a sandwich.

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    22: Death

    This week, Andrew asks Myah if she would like to live forever.

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